Audience Measurement

Beyond traditional DRTV data gathering techniques and as part of our ongoing efforts to give our clients the most up to date and relevant campaign analytics, Kingstar is a member of Numeris (formerly known as BBM Canada). Numeris is the only source of radio and television audience data in Canada and has been the industry standard for broadcast measurement and consumer behavior research since 1944.

Numeris' sophisticated data tracking and measurement technology services collect relevant information on audience behaviors during and after broadcasts. This added level of data collection provides Kingstar with critical insights into the impact that broadcast content has on consumer behaviors, allowing us to create effective, comprehensive, responsive and strategic direct response campaigns. Numeris' services include national and regional TV/Radio meter panels, surveys for our 100+ radio and television markets, and a variety of syndicated and custom research studies.


Numeris, (formerly BBM Canada), is the leading provider of audio and video audience research across all platforms in Canada. Services include national and regional TV/Radio meter panels employing Portable People Meter (PPM) technology, diary surveys for 100+ radio and television markets, and a variety of syndicated and custom research studies. Kingstar is a Numeris member and effectively handles & interprets industry standard audience data and research for our clients.


Infosys+ software is used industry wide to analyze multiple broadcast datasets. We use Infosys to look at TV Meter data. Our expert user have the ability to pinpoint their target through the customization of targets, stations, dayparts, programs, crosstabs and more. Infosys is the #1 industry leading software in Canada for Numeris data interpretation.


Using Environics Lifestage Groups indexed to Numeris TV viewing data, Kingstar understands viewing habits of your target market. We design marketing campaigns and media strategies for reaching Canada’s consumer segments.