Short Form DRTV

These 120 or 60 second spots are ideal for products whose attributes and value are easily understood and explained and whose price point is lower. They are effective for introducing and demonstrating new products, selling products, generating leads and building brands. They also provide a more economical entry into DRTV, as they are less expensive to produce, less costly to air, and often qualify for media discounts. Our remnant style of spot buying enables us to offer 15 and 30 second spots, often used to build brand, and drive retail or web sales.

Combining information about our clients’ unique business goals with a large database of media data points, ensures we build optimized campaigns. Our media buying team helps clients reach desired markets through our targeted DRTV media buying services, ensuring the budget and messaging are focused on individuals most likely to purchase. Kingstar also leverages deep media relationships – locally and nationally – to deliver the best advertising costs. We ensure you reach further with your advertising spend to drive results. Kingstar’s affordable, efficient and effective method of reaching customers ensures that our clients generate incredible performance and a higher ROI.

Long Form DRTV

Products that are complex, have a higher price point and have more features, benefit from long form infomercials. The additional time provides an opportunity to tell the full story, share the unique attributes and build credibility. Kingstar’s deep experience in infomercial media buying has resulted in a proven business model based on volume buying and long-term commitments to stations. Combining our extensive database of historical responses with volume buying, Kingstar can deliver competitive advertising costs. Employing smart media buying and strong vendor relationships, we ensure new and seasoned advertisers reach further with their advertising spend and drive results.

French DRTV

According to Statistics Canada (2011 Census), almost 25% of Canada’s population live in homes where French is the primary language spoken. Canada supports four French language broadcast networks and more than 15 French language specialty stations. If a marketer plans to maximize sales opportunities in Canada, it is essential to create a French language component for their plans. Kingstar has the experience and network needed to seamlessly produce and distribute French direct response spots that are sensitive to the cultural differences that make French Canada a unique and dynamic consumer marketplace. With the ability to adapt your existing creative for the French market, Kingstar helps clients take advantage of this market that represents 25 percent of the Canadian population and a higher than average spend.