Kingstar Media is Canada’s premier direct response advertising agency. We pride ourselves in being pioneers in the industry that, itself, is barely 20 years old.

Direct response marketing allows brands to reach their targeted customers directly and evoke an immediate reaction. This reaction refers to any immediate engagement with an offer, whether that be a web visit, phone call or purchase.

Our dedicated team is equipped with the experience, knowledge and resources needed to take your product or service to the top of the Canadian market by utilizing direct response advertising.

We have a long history of utilizing media buying strategies to execute effective direct response campaigns. Our direct response advertising agency in Canada is the #1 choice for large-scale brands not limited to Guthy Renker, Beachbody, NutriBullet, Power Juicer, Trivago, and Wayfair.


Kingstar Media understands that there is no one size fits all solution for direct response advertising. We offer various marketing services to help clients reach both Canadian and international consumers:

Direct Response Marketing: We design and measure direct response marketing campaigns. Our direct response advertising strategies have allowed us to create measurable, scalable and award-winning campaigns. Our campaigns have helped our clients to become common household names both internationally and in Canada.

Media Buying: Kingstar Media offers direct response media buying services for TV, radio and digital channels. Our agency’s central location in Toronto provides us with prime access to Canada’s largest major broadcast stations. Our experience in the industry has allowed us to create close relationships with these media channels who, as a result, afford us exclusive rates.

Analytics: We don’t just design & implement your direct response marketing campaign — we can measure the success of it too. We offer analytics in the form of audience measurement, direct response reporting and web attribution to help you measure the success of your campaign.


Direct response advertising is a style of advertising that connects directly with a consumer by prompting immediate engagement with an offer. This style of advertising is different from general marketing, as it doesn’t focus on raising brand awareness. Instead, it focuses on creating an intimate relationship with a lede that evokes a reaction.

HOW DOES DIRECT RESPONSE ADVERTISING WORK? This marketing strategy is designed to prompt an action, whether that be a purchase, web view, or a phone call. This is most commonly known as a call to action. A direct response advertisement will provide the context and means necessary for a consumer to act upon an offer. Direct response advertising tends to include various calls to action such as URL’s, a phone number, email, and/or form.

Analytics: We don’t just design & implement your direct response marketing campaign — we can measure the success of it too. We offer analytics in the form of audience measurement, direct response reporting and web attribution to help you measure the success of your campaign.


Direct response marketing utilizes personalized channels to reach individuals where they are most comfortable and likely to react. These channels include:

• TV Advertising
• Traditional & Digital Radio
• Email
• Infomercials
• Digital Advertising


When a customer interacts with a direct response marketing campaign, whether that be by clicking, making a purchase or calling a phone number, this information is easily trackable. We are able to see these impressions and track which ad and media channel prompted a direct response. This helps media buyers and business owners alike to gauge the best channel to run campaigns on for maximum return.

Due to the fact that direct response advertising generates trackable data, it is easy to measure the success of this type of campaign. A business can measure this tracked data to analyze the amount and allocation of money put into a campaign, and which avenues brought profit. This ability to measure success helps media buyers and businesses alike to make educated decisions on ad spend. Businesses can always start with a small-scale trial to help inform the ad spend and allocation necessary for a successful campaign.

This marketing allows businesses to reach the right customers at the right time. It directly delivers a campaign to the consumers most likely to invest in a product, service or experience.

Clear Call to Action
Direct response advertisements leave no room for interpretation. Instead of showing an audience a product, this advertising prompts ledes to engage in a product or service immediately.

Because direct response advertising prompts a direct response that results in trackable action, media buyers are able to make educated decisions based on analytics that indicates the avenues and time slots that provide the best return on investment.

True to its name, direct response advertising is designed to elicit a direct response. This is done by creating media that directly connects with the targeted demographic that will reach them where they are at their most comfortable, whether that be on their phone or at work.


With over 16 years of experience in the industry under our belt, Kingstar Media is the #1 Canadian advertising agency specializing in direct response marketing. Based in Canada and located in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, our agency boasts access to the country’s leading media content providers.

We are the only Canadian advertising agency that commits millions of dollars annually to long-term, 52-week media contracts. Our media buying services cater to English and French markets across multiple platforms ranging from traditional Radio and TV to digital media. With a performance-driven database of thousands of products and services, Kingstar Media is your #1 Choice for partner and Canadian advertising agency.