Direct Response Media Buying Agency

Kingstar Media is a full-service Direct Response Media Buying Agency. We specialize in Direct Response media solutions that help clients reach Canadian and international consumers.

Why Use A Media Buying Agency?

The Canadian media landscape is complicated and you need the right expertise to spend your advertising budget efficiently. With 50+ years of media buying experience that includes over $600M in billing, Kingstar Media is the #1 choice when it comes to TV, Radio and Digital media buying in Canada. Combining our clients’ unique business goals with an extensive database of media data points ensures we build optimized campaigns that are focused on ROI. Our media buying team helps clients reach desired markets through our targeted DRTV (Direct Response Television) media buying services, ensuring the budget and messaging are focused on individuals most likely to make a purchase.

Toronto Media Buying Agency

Kingstar is proud to call itself a Toronto Media Buying Agency. Our location gives us an advantage over other Canadian agencies. All of Canada’s major broadcast stations are headquartered in Toronto. This allows us to develop and maintain strong relationships with the biggest broadcast stations in the Canada. These relationships give Kingstar Media access to exclusive rates that advertisers cannot acquire anywhere else. If you are looking for a Toronto Media Buying Agency to grow your TV presence in Canada, contact Kingstar Media today.