Direct Response Reporting

Kingstar provides clients timely, accurate results for all short and long form television and radio campaigns. Utilizing industry-leading media management software, CoreDirect®, we combine the media buy with ratings, airings and sales results to instantly analyze marketing performance and ROI. Seamlessly integrated with all data sources, Kingstar's media professionals use CoreDirect® as a central repository for all decision-critical information, enabling easy identification of trends and opportunities, and the ability to optimize future media spend. Clients receive reports tailored to their individual requirements. Customized reports provide a flexible method of honing in on the data you require to make key marketing decisions and ensure the success of your product or service.


CAMS is one of the leading North American media management software packages for managing Long-Form advertising. Kingstar effectively deploys this software into the Canadian marketplace. CAMS offers flexible media management and direct response reporting for our clients.


is at the heart of Kingstar’s Short-Form, media management. We use this industry standard system with highly customizable reporting to help us and our clients better understand the effectiveness of their direct response campaigns. We have recently upgraded our software incorporating new Core modules that allow us to source traffic to Vanity URL’s and Vanity 800 numbers.