When well-known fitness company Nautilus first launched their brands in Canada, sales results struggled to meet the level of performance and efficiency seen in the US. To pick up the pace, Nautilus partnered with Kingstar, a Canadian company who had the experience, clout and the relationships they required to meet their sales objectives.

Working with Kingstar on their short-form media buying needs, Nautilus’ expectations of the Canadian market have changed dramatically. As call volume and sales increased, Canada sales expectations went from a “nice to have”, to an integral part of corporate sales expectations. Nautilus is now experiencing excellent return on their investment. With Kingstar’s help on the Bowflex TreadClimber product line:

• Call volumes increased by 121%
• Leads increased by 170%
• Cost per lead decreased by 63%
• ROI increased by 255%
• Conversion rate increased by 43%

Kingstar also provides Nautilus with great visibility into the results, and country-specific feedback to help Nautilus understand what will work in the local market. te picture of how the campaign is performing and to make adjustments mid-campaign to ensure sales lead goals are met.