Canada's leading weight-loss clinic, Slimband has helped over 7,000 patients realize and maintain their weight-loss goals. Slimband's gastric banding procedure carries far fewer risks than the gastric bypass, comes with a five-year support plan and is the only fully reversible procedure available.

Given the complexity of the product, Slimband uses short-form DRTV spots to build brand awareness and to encourage interested viewers to visit the website and learn more about this life-changing procedure. "We see a correlation between when the spots run and an uptick in mobile and tablet leads," says Lisa Borg, Vice President, Marketing. Slimband experimented with long-form spots as well, but quickly learned that when it came to generating leads for their product, frequency yielded better results than length.

Slimband values Kingstar's deep media relationships and robust reporting, which have helped to effectively tailor their campaigns to increase leads. Kingstar's analytic tools enable Slimband to get an immediate picture of how the campaign is performing and to make adjustments mid-campaign to ensure sales lead goals are met.