Direct response television advertising (DRTV) is TV advertising that encourages a customer to directly engage with an offer, whether that be by calling in or pressing a button. DRTV advertisements are either a commercial or an infomercial.

Kingstar Media is a top Canadian TV advertising agency that specializes in direct response media buying. We use our central location in Toronto and long standing relationships with Canadian broadcasters to create campaigns that help businesses reach their targeted audience at the right time.

We offer three types of DRTV advertising solutions to suit varying business needs:

1. Short-form DRTV
2. Long-form DRTV
3. French DRTV

If you are interested in DRTV marketing services, consider the key differences between the two main types of DRTV advertising


What is Short-Form DRTV?

Commercial Space:
15, 30, 60 or 120-seconds
A short-form DRTV advertisement (also known as a spot) is any commercial that spans 15 to 120 seconds. We offer short-form DRTV marketing in the form of 15, 30, 60 or 120-second long spots dependent on availability.

Why Short-Form DRTV?
Short-form DRTV is effective for introducing and selling new products, generating leads and building brands. Short-Form DRTV campaigns are also a more cost-effective entry into the world of DRTV because they are less expensive to produce and cost less to air.

This type of programming is best used for products or services that can appeal to a viewer in under 120 seconds of explanation and promotion.

2. Long-Form DRTV:

What is Long-Form DRTV?

15, 30, 45 or 60-minute
Long-form DRTV (also known as an infomercial) is a TV spot that spans 5-60 minutes. This type of TV spot walks potential buyers through the process of how a product or service will work. Long term DRTV intends to provide viewers with all the information they need to act on an offer.

Why Long-Form DRTV?
While long-form DRTV is the older and more traditional advertising model, it still presents benefits. Long-form DRTV is best for selling products or services that require more information and context. Complex products with a higher price point and more features most commonly benefit from this type of advertising.

The length of a long-form spot allows you to tell your product’s story. It allows a business to share the unique attributes of their product and build brand credibility. This is typically done through a combination of tutorials, reviews and testimonials.


DRTV advertising is unique in that it is accountable; its success is easy to measure and track. This helps businesses to make educated decisions on where and how to allocate media spend.

The direct and instant nature of DRTV makes campaigns targeted, streamlined and easy to measure. There are many ways that your business can benefit from a direct response marketing campaign:

Immediate Results:
The direct nature of DTRV means that you can see an immediate payoff from the action taken by a lede when they interact with your campaign.

Targeted & Measurable:
Because DRTV advertising is very targeted and prompts instant actions, the impact of a campaign is easy to measure. The wealth of data and information provided by this type of advertising helps businesses to measure the success of advertisements on particular channels at certain time slots.

Long-form DRTV spots, because of their length, are able to provide a potential customer with the information and context needed to really sell them on a product or service. This type of advertisement helps to educate potential ledes and is highly engaging.

This type of advertising, when done right, will provide a lede with all the information and motivation they will need to act upon an offer.


French DRTV

According to Statistics Canada, almost 25% of Canada’s population lives in homes where French is the primary language. For this reason, many businesses looking to maximize sales opportunities in Canada also choose to create a French-language component for their campaigns.

Kingstar Media has the experience and knowledge necessary to produce and distribute French direct response commercials seamlessly. We offer French DRTV services to brands who require the service and are looking to tap into the French-Canadian market.


General marketing focuses on generating brand awareness by promoting a brand’s concept or aesthetic. DRTV advertising, on the other hand, prompts a direct action. This type of advertisement is more so looking to elicit an immediate transaction.


The reality is that the media mix in Canada is fragmented. Consumers typically use multiple devices and consume radio, digital, print, out-of-home and TV media in both French and English. That said, even with multiple touchpoints, TV advertising in Canada remains the best way to reach a mass audience.

TV is an essential component of direct response marketing because it provides a platform for engagement that cannot be replicated across any other medium. According to Statista, adults in Canada spend 581 minutes a day engaging with major media — 202 of which are spent watching TV. TV advertisements provide brand recognition, value and uniqueness to a product or brand. We will work with you to identify the form of DRTV that is best suited to distil your brand’s message and the product or service you are seeking a direct response for.


Established back in 2003, Kingstar Media boasts considerable experience in the field and a vast understanding of the DRTV landscape. We’ve designed and implemented countless successful DRTV campaigns for our clients who have since found success in the Canadian market.

Our long-time experience with this style of advertising and central location in Toronto has afforded us the opportunity to create long-standing relationships with Canada’s biggest broadcasters. This enables us to receive exclusive rates on TV spots to help our clients allocate their media spend economically and effectively.

Our experience, reputation and past successful campaigns make us the tv advertising agency in Canada you’ll want to work with. If you are looking to buy TV advertising in Canada, it is important to consult Kingstar Media about our media buying services. Our TV advertising agency is committed to maximizing ROI and minimizing wasted spend.

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