Web Attribution

Quantifying how much online activity is generated by offline advertising is key to ensuring the success of client campaigns and provides crucial information that will impact future spend. To understand the relationship between online activity and offline advertising campaigns, Kingstar uses a process called web attribution, linking digital sales revenue to direct response marketing initiatives. Through the use of CoreMedia's CoreDirect, we offer the industry's best solutions for vanity sourcing, utilizing a combination of attribution methodologies including Last Spot Ran, Station Weight and Response History.


Numeris, (formerly BBM Canada), is the leading provider of audio and video audience research across all platforms in Canada. Services include national and regional TV/Radio meter panels employing Portable People Meter (PPM) technology, diary surveys for 100+ radio and television markets, and a variety of syndicated and custom research studies. Kingstar is a Numeris member and effectively handles & interprets industry standard audience data and research for our clients.


is at the heart of Kingstar’s Short-Form, media management. We use this industry standard system with highly customizable reporting to help us and our clients better understand the effectiveness of their direct response campaigns. We have recently upgraded our software incorporating new Core modules that allow us to source traffic to Vanity URL’s and Vanity 800 numbers.