Reaching the Canadian Audience

Staying on Top of Research Trends

At Kingstar, we place top value in following research on the Canadian population. In order to help us better gauge how to plan for upcoming marketing campaigns, we keep careful eyes on media consumption studies and other key surveys done here in Canada. For example, with recent studies finding that Canadians across the country tune in to television and radio rather than using their smartphones and tablets, we advise our clients to place further investment into television and radio ads rather than the latter. However, seeing that Toronto's use of smart devices is far higher than the rest of the country, we also advise our clients to keep that in mind when looking at targeting said audience.
Despite an advised target on more television and radio ads, Kingstar also takes the country's social media usage into account for advertising. According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority, 74% of Canadians spend at least 3-4 hours online per day and 67% of that time goes to social media usage. As Facebook sits on top of the list of most interacted with, we place a higher value for advertising on the site, with LinkedIn and Google taking second and third.
Staying on top of research trends allows Kingstar to create more direct media for targeted audiences in Canada, helping our clients build their brands with the audience they want to connect with.

Television Upfronts

An Upfront is the time period where information is shared by broadcast networks right before the start of an advertising sales period. In television, Upfront seasons usually mean educating media buyers about which shows are new, cancelled, or renewed on a given television network. This allows media buyers to have an idea of which shows are popular and when advertisers should invest advertising airtime into.
Every Upfront season, Kingstar places careful watch into new shows and renewed seasons of shows that have caught the Canadian audience's attention. With an eye out for what's popular and what's not, we also consider our clients' targeted demographic, and how advertising during specific shows would help us reach their goal. We advise our clients to invest into specific airtimes based off our expertise.
This past year, Kingstar Media was able to visit our network partners during the Upfront season and celebrate the TV advertising industry. You can check out our article here.
While we offer many tips to reaching a Canadian audience based on our many years of experience, we can help you directly through our contact us form!