What Makes Kingstar Media The Best Canadian Digital Radio Agency?

Treating digital streaming services as radio's equal and not its competitor, Kingstar provides expertise in advising marketing on both platforms, with each lending its own respective benefits. Stated in our article about the significance of radio advertising and media buying, radio still proves to be a powerful medium in media marketing, with 76% of Canadians tuning in every time they drive. Cost efficient and consistent, radio marketing maximizes audience reach and should be a primary source in advertising.
On the other side, digital streaming platforms such as Spotify offers the same cost-efficient benefits of maximizing an advertiser's reach, but with a catch. Since Spotify premium users spend $10 a month to use the service without ads, advertising reach is limited to Spotify's Free Listeners, which is about half of the service's 140 million monthly users. Although this can seem daunting, advertising on Spotify can still provide ROI with its demographic-based targeting and other options taken from their Free Listener users in order to help reach more niche audiences. Juxtaposed with the wide reach of radio, Kingstar explains the importance of advertising on both platforms by outlining these benefits.
Another digital radio platform Kingstar is taking advertising charge in is podcasting. Graduating from its role as a form of niche entertainment, podcasts have grown to become a type of equivalent to radio shows. With categories ranging from educational to more specific genres such as crime or horror, podcasts have become synonymous with the internet age as its audience growing every day. While most advertisements in podcasts are in the form of direct sponsorships, brand authenticity can be built through podcast host-read advertisements, establishing a direct link between product and audience. Providing a curated sense of genuineness by tapping into the host to audience relationship, Kingstar lends their industry expertise in helping clients reach their audiences on this ever-growing platform.
With years of industry experience and ample advertising insight as shared on our blog, Kingstar provides top notch media planning, media buying, media performance testing and reporting. Lending our expertise to our expanding reach into digital media and radio platforms, Kingstar continues to be Canada's number one performance marketing, media buying agency.
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