How to Approach Multi-Platform Marketing

The new digital frontier brought about from the turn of the century has opened the doors to many new and exciting opportunities for companies. Not only reaping the benefits from advancements such as online shopping and systematic audience targeting, a brand's marketing efforts are also no longer limited by commercial airtime. In a space that represents an otherwise infinite sense of storage and information, companies can upload commercials both old and new to sites such as YouTube and engage with their audiences more efficiently through social media channels.
It is because of the internet's unlimited information and reach that there is an importance for all traditional marketing campaigns to link back and benefit digital campaigns. While there is still merit in pursuing TV, print, or radio advertising alone, it is most efficient to work every traditional marketing campaign with an effort to tie back to a company's digital presence, thus creating a multi-platform approach.
When tackling multi-platform marketing, the most important thing to be aware of is cohesion across all platforms. Thanks to the rise of smart devices and other technology such as social media, nearly two-thirds of people are likely to pick up their phones or tablets during a television commercial break. This fact alone justifies the need for consistency in your multi-platform marketing campaign. If a television viewer were to see a television commercial that interests them, they will most likely Google search for more information about what they had just seen on another device.
However, without an effort to bridge the transition between offline and online mediums, brands could lose audience interest if they spend too much time trying to find what they're looking for rather than learning more about your brand or service. Establishing a cohesive look and feel between a TV commercial and your brand's digital profile provides a seamless transition between the two mediums, eliminating possible confusion and increasing engagement rates. Tips to establish a cohesive advertising campaign across multiple mediums are to include company social media profile names in TV ads, upload TV commercials to a company's YouTube and relevant social media channels and mentioning/using the same slogans and hashtags from radio and TV commercials across all social platforms.
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