Direct to Consumer Advertising – How to Reach Consumers One to One

The most important rule to note when approaching direct to consumer advertising is to never sell a product, but rather sell a solution to a problem. In this digital age where so much of our exposure to advertisements and products are tailored to what we as individuals choose to care about, the modern potential consumer knows when they're being sold to and will sometimes ignore such cases. However, if you approach an audience directly with something that correlates to their own wants and needs, potential consumers will certainly show much more interest. People don't need a new pillow necessarily, but they do need bedding to give them the best sleep ever. The more focal individual wants and needs for direct to consumer advertising, the more likely you are to gain responses and sales.
Another impactful element in direct to consumer advertising is appealing to emotion. While this is still present in every other form of marketing, driving emotion to benefit sales in direct to consumer advertising is paramount to success. Not only do prospective consumers need to rationalize a want for a product or service, but they need to emotionally connect with the sales method due to there being no intermediary advertising. In direct to consumer advertising, there is no means of a visually or audibly appealing tool to hook them in. Instead, the emotional connection is driven by the sales pitch. Therefore, it should be clear to note your offer, the benefits of the offer, and a call-to-action for a response in your pitch. If the potential consumer can justify a want for your product or service and feel an emotional connection to it based on your pitch, the possibility in making a sale will increase.
While both selling a solution to a problem and appealing to emotion might seem like two obvious components for marketing in general, the mindset for direct to consumer marketing really creates a difference in approach for the two. While other forms of marketing might differ, the direct to consumer method places a huge focus on existing markets rather than creating new ones. Direct to consumer is a means of placing your product and service in front of eyes that are already looking for it, much in opposition to looking for all potential demographics when advertising to the masses. Instead, offering something to people that already want it is what makes direct to consumer marketing so valuable and profitable.
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