How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Company’s Site in 2020

With the latest turn of the decade, marketers are already looking ahead for the latest trends to help benefit their companies' digital campaigns for years to come. As the 2010-2019 decade brought upon the massive social network boom that's still growing today, there's a huge scramble in trying to find and decide on what's the next big thing for the marketing world.

However, most media analyses have determined that social networking will still continue its reign in modern digital marketing. With millions of new people joining numerous different social sites every day in 2017, the upward trend of socials only looks to continue in the new decade. As more and more of the world's population builds their online presence, it's only logical for companies to continue their marketing focus on social and other digital campaigns.

Despite the decade still being in its early stages, progression in technology and marketing certainly hasn't stopped. Notably, with society's reliance on social networks, marketers have continued to investigate the newest technology and trends within the social media space and use it to their benefit. For example, with the increase of internet users turning to social media platforms to help aid their search when looking for products, marketers have increased to push on making products and services more accessible to find on social media through company pages and posts. In fact, companies have also increased their marketing reach to include social interaction with their follower bases, due to another trend of using popular memes and other pop culture references to make their face value web presence more appealing and friendly. Companies such as food chain Wendy's and media streaming services like Netflix have increased their social follower interaction to include everything from simple customer service assistance to activities such as giveaways and audience engaging questions. While it's a relatively simple act, interaction between brands and their audiences on social media, especially when in a lighthearted and playful manner when called for, increases brand awareness and reputation.

Over the last decade, thanks to the increase of the population's online presence, the new career path of influencer has also become a growing trend. Defined as social platform users that have established credibility with a sizeable audience, influencers have become a valuable tool for modern day marketing and their effectiveness and use will only continue to grow in the coming decade. By properly choosing the right brand and lifestyle influencers, companies can tap directly into their consumer base and market products and services in front of the audience that would arguably care the most. Through endorsements and product placements in influencer-made content such as their Instagram posts, YouTube videos, or even podcasts, companies directly reach the appropriate audience with a sense of trust and reliability thanks to the already established relationship between the audience and the influencer.

Outside of social media, other trends that have proved beneficial to marketers and are slated to continue to grow into the next decade are subscription-based services. Streaming media platforms have grown in such a large capacity since 2010, placing themselves close to the top of entertainment mediums in the cultural zeitgeist. Netflix and Hulu specifically have become culturally impactful services in their influencing of multiple other companies to compete by creating their own streaming services, noting the recently launched Disney+ back in November 2019. While it may prove near impossible for marketers to tap into Netflix and Disney+ due to their ad-free user experiences, it is still worth noting that Hulu has multiple subscription models that allow room for companies to advertise on their service. Thanks to Hulu's technology of audience-based interest tracking, marketers can use information gathered to also better target specific niche audiences. Following cultural trends spawned from Netflix and Disney+ original programming can prove beneficial for future marketing campaign angles and focuses. Otherwise, it's best to seek advertisements with Hulu and digital radio platforms like Pandora and Spotify.

While it's tough to determine the path of the upcoming decade, the ever-growing trend of social media, blogger product reviews and influencer marketing proves to be the safest and most logical target for marketers to focus on when trying to increase organic web traffic. Through careful planning and taking advantage of online trends and technology, companies can successfully increase their brand awareness. If you're interested in a detailed online strategy to help increase your brand's online presence and web traffic, contact us at Kingstar Media here.