Distillery District of Toronto – What Makes Our Location Unique and What Opportunities it Provides

Kingstar Media's office is located in the Distillery District of Toronto. A huge travel destination, the district is well-known today for hosting modern arts, culture, and entertainment, while blending with the historic Victorian Industrial architecture of our city. With an abundance of shops and restaurants to surround the refurbished 1830s Gooderham and Worts Distillery and its brick-lined streets, the district lends itself for a unique workplace location and numerous opportunities for the Kingstar Media team.

Since reopening in 2003, Toronto's Distillery District has quickly grown to be one of the most popular areas in the city. With notable annual events such as the December Christmas Market and live performances being booked all the time, the district is a burgeoning community for modern Canada's favorite interests and activities.

Thanks to the pedestrian-only streets throughout most of the district, the Kingstar Media office enjoys a comfortable workplace area environment with plenty of room to roam outside during breaktime. The large variety of restaurants nearby and the booming nightlife also brings a plenty of ease for planning lunchtime gatherings with coworkers or afterwork meetups. Juxtaposed with the rich history of Toronto, the Kingstar Media offices located in the Distillery District is in a wonderfully unique location for both modern and historic Canadian culture.