How Kingstar Media is Helping Businesses Pivot During COVID-19’s New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed life as we knew it. In the business world, companies in every industry have had to either completely halt their business or adapt their business model to properly follow shelter at home protocols.

Luckily, as Canada's #1 media buying agency along with our years of experience, Kingstar has been able to rise above the challenges of the coronavirus outbreak and adapt to working during the new normal. With a keen eye for strategies to help our clients' individual marketing needs both in and out of the current pandemic landscape, we've been able to help brands communicate effectively to their audiences, with full respect for the current hardships in mind.

Our current main objective when helping navigate our clients through marketing during COVID-19 is to find a way to pivot their communication goals and marketing angles. Instead of throwing out any campaign ideas or produced media for marketing campaigns prior to the outbreak, we advise our clients to creatively alter them to follow protocols and appear appropriate to the current situation. We aim to be the resource in helping companies show market audiences, both existing and prospective, that they're adapting to COVID-19's restrictions and are still carrying out their business.

Kingstar is also helping bridge companies to online-based platforms thanks to our experience in digital marketing. With an emphasis on promoting online direct to consumer marketing and communication, we look to secure media buys on social media and via other digital publishers to help our clients grow their audiences and earn more sales. Since social media usage has skyrocketed in the months following quarantine, we believe that social media and other digital campaigns are the biggest opportunities for brands to take advantage of. Whether our clients are new to the digital marketplace or are an already existing online brand looking to grow their audience, our knowledge of social media and media buying strategies can help businesses in any industry make the most out of their online presence. Most recently with our campaign for Function of Beauty, we analyzed the most effective and creative ways to successfully reach new audiences and grow their online backing.

Though the world may seem different as of late, we continue to help clients reach their marketing goals in new and exciting ways throughout COVID-19. While the hardships of today might prove challenging for businesses in more ways than just marketing, our years of expertise and leadership in the media buying industry bring an easy transition into the new normal so our clients can continue to find success in the face of uncertainty.

If you need help communicating to your brand audience in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, please feel free to contact Kingstar Media on our Contact Us page.