4K Video Will Replace HD – But Do You Have The Space For It?

4K video footage is sweeping the professional film technology scene, and in some video production circles, wiping out HD for Ultra High Definition (UHD) completely. Experts predict 4K resolution will become the new industry standard of excellence for recording and watching video – TV commercials, DRTV, and insta-vids included.

So, why all the fuss?

In the true sense of full-service video production, 4K camera technology allows for an ultra real-life, 360 degree experience in the same production time by shooting A and B roll simultaneously, providing two camera shoots in one shot (no pun intended).

This has particularly impacted the post-production world, giving editors the ability to make deep edits to already filmed footage. Raw footage shot on 4K will provide a tremendously large pool of intricate cut away shots, with the ability to crop and stabilize footage in post-production.

Roughly four times the size of a standard 1080p video file – known simply as Full HD – a 4K file offers more detail, greater depth and increased clarity, but sits at a hefty 4,000 pixels, so make sure you have room.

With the rise of advanced video techniques like virtual and augmented reality, and with the real-life resolution of 4K, it's time to hit Crtl+Alt+Delete on HD.