How to Create Efficient Black Friday Ads for 2020

As we discussed in our previous blog about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this year's upcoming holiday shopping season is looking to be the biggest one yet. Despite it happening primarily online this year, the interest in holiday deals continues to increase, with analysts predicting high revenue rates due to this year's overall increase of eCommerce. However, with this radical change away from brick and mortar stores, marketers can still struggle to adapt and change their marketing strategies for the busiest shopping season of the year. In this blog, we'll discuss some Black Friday marketing tactics to ensure sales this year.

The most important tactic that all the big department stores are focusing on is an early start, late end to the season this year. We previously described this year's Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a two and a half month long Cyber Monday, where deals go up online in mid-October and stay up through mid-December to even the beginning of January. This is to not only help benefit from the already booming eCommerce revenue caused by the COVID-19 pandemic but to also help reduce the amount of traffic to brick and mortar stores looking for deals. Online retail giants Amazon even recently held their Prime Day sales day in October instead of July to help jumpstart the early holiday shopping season. Focus on preparing your deals early and aim to keep offers up for an extended amount of time past just Black Friday and Cyber Monday. An early start and late end to your holiday deals allow your store to maximize the number of consumers throughout the season, so it's best to get your Black Friday ads out sooner than later.

It's also important to use every avenue and platform available to communicate your brand's plan for this season. Communication has always been key to Black Friday and Cyber Monday because your brand is always in competition with every other brand for the holiday shoppers' attention. However, with the added obstacle of COVID-19 and the fact that any brand can make their own holiday deals online, the importance of communicating with prospective customers is heightened. Since most consumers are under the impression that Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales only last about one to two days at most, make sure you communicate clearly across all platforms your deals and how long they'll be up.

Lastly, encourage reactive buying through email marketing and social media marketing, building up anticipation and excitement with phrases like "Celebrate the Biggest Black Friday Ever with (your brand name)." With prospective customers are constantly online due to COVID-19's increase in smart device usage, make sure to allocate more media spend on online marketing. If you need help with securing online ad placements, need advice for online strategy, or transitioning your brand for eCommerce, Kingstar Media has many experts to help create your successful holiday marketing strategy. Feel free to get in touch with us via our contact us page and start preparing for the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday ever!