How to Create Efficient Cyber Monday Ads for 2020

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday unifying for one extended holiday shopping season this year, it's important to strategize and best prepare efficiently. Especially considering brick and mortar retail stores are choosing to focus solely on online deals to help reduce store traffic and COVID-19 spread, the need for marketers to help secure successful holiday revenue this year is highly important. Here are Kingstar Media's tips on how to create efficient Cyber Monday ads for 2020.

Cyber Monday has always called for competition among brands, with every brand fighting for the holiday shoppers' attention and support. Because of this, marketers need to focus on using platforms that attract the most traffic and attention. With so much increased web traffic caused by the COVID-19 usage spikes for smart devices, mobile marketing and social media marketing should both be high focal points for this holiday season. Email-only offer codes specifically can be a huge driving point to generate interest in your brand's holiday deal plans, bringing a sense of exclusivity to your online-first audience. Communicate through your Cyber Monday ad emails that the offer code is limited to anyone that receives the email, creating an incentive to buy.

Try your best to entice sales through reactive buying. Tailor your ads to encourage immediate action from prospective buyers by creating a sense of urgency, scarcity, and exclusivity with your deals. Phrases such as "You won't want to miss this deal!" "This item is flying off our shelves online!" and "An exclusive holiday deal just for you!" drive customers to buy right away. Outside of advertisements, you can implement limited holiday-themed items and website countdown timers to help further encourage reactive buying.

Aim to advertise with respect to pandemic product trends as well. Considering that most people have been spending time at home these days, try to advertise any exclusive deals that can help benefit or improve their time at home accordingly. With certain product categories such as sanitation/cleaning supplies, board games, and home office equipment also seeing considerable spikes in revenue trends, brands within these and other respective trending industries can specifically benefit from holiday deals on their products. Introducing new products within booming industries at this time can help overcome the initial obstacle of achieving a product audience, especially if they can reflect a certain popular trend. If you're a small retail store, advertising and creating deals on items that are in high demand because of COVID-19 pandemic can help secure sales. Try looking into creating a "Family fun holiday deal," and similar bundles for easy holiday revenue.

Though 2020's Black Friday and Cyber Monday are radically different from past years, it's still possible to achieve excellent holiday revenue through strategic marketing. With years of experience in media buying and online marketing both around the holiday shopping season and otherwise, Kingstar Media can help your brand plan efficiently and effectively for the biggest Black Friday and Cyber Monday yet. If you need help achieving your brand's Cyber Monday advertising goals, contact Kingstar today via our contact page.