What Makes Kingstar One of Canada’s Top Paid Social Agencies?

For nearly two decades, Kingstar Media has serviced Canada as its top media buying agency, securing top-performing ads through connections, skill, and innovation. But with the marketing world always so quick to change and a much larger focus placed on the digital space in recent years, where exactly has Kingstar Media soared above the rest in the past few years?

Traditional and digital on parallel paths
Thanks to our transition to a full-service ad agency, Kingstar Media has been able to adapt to the changing winds quite swiftly and efficiently. Marking our first digital buy in 2012, right at the cusp of the social media boom, we have been able to hone our skills in the digital space alongside its growth, learning what works and what doesn't.

Leveraging data for intelligent media buying
What really sets us apart as an agency is our ability to take skills and lessons learned from both sides of media buying. With 17 years and over 500 million spent in media purchases, Kingstar Media has been able to collect a competitively unmatched amount of response data for the Canadian media market. Using this set of attribution and analytics software allows us to report precise consumer response analysis, a unique attribute that has allowed us to transition our traditional media buying and marketing expertise onto digital platforms. Because of our deep understanding of analyses in both traditional and digital forms of media, Kingstar can create synchronized television/radio and digital marketing campaigns to better meet our clients' needs.

The secret sauce: Digital Web Test Model
With further changes to marketing coming in the forms of new paradigms such as influencer marketing, Kingstar Media continues to look to the future for new methods of improvement. Through our own innovation such as our Digital Web Test Model as well as always keeping a keen eye towards the latest marketing trends and advancements, we aim to continue to grow as a company, using our passion and exceptional service to keep our spot as one of Canada's top-paid agencies.

If you are interested in seeing what the Kingstar difference can do for you and your company, feel free to contact us today.