Building Customer Personas to Your Brand’s Advantage

In the past decade, technological advancements have allowed brands and marketers to target the most specific niches. Brands with a hypothetical digital profile of customers' interest based on data such as past purchases, internet searches, and interactions have researched examples for audience tracking and targeting for an impactful marketing campaign. Nowadays, the most successful marketing campaigns are targeted more narrowly from a larger audience to create customer personas. It's important to optimize this digital marketing strategy based on these three steps:

1.Understand Your Audience

Always start by researching your target audience. Since the strongest customer personas are built from market research and analytics from the brand's past campaigns, it's best to review this data in-depth to picture the ideal buyer. This can be further defined into any number of built-out customer personas, but Kingstar recommends keeping it as specific and narrow as possible per each. Questions to ask for the customer person are the 4 W's; who, what, where, and why.

2. Scaling Creative from Customer Personas

Considering that 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads, building creative based on each customer persona is essential. Instead of building broadly targeted ads marketers should optimize creative and messaging to speak specifically to each niche.

The best part of scaling creative based on customer personas is that there is a minimum limit to what you can target or discuss. Angle your brand's messaging to meet your developed customer persona's interests by creating highly targeted performance-driven content.

3. Utilize Kingstar Media's "Creative Campaign from Customer Persona" Roadmap

Our approach to improved audience performance tied to customer personas was developed for the purpose of understanding and demonstrating the brand's target customer. Here's our easy-to-understand roadmap of using customer personas to benefit creative campaigns:

1. Create customer persona(s) based on basic demographic info, customer motivations, and other psychographic information.
2. Design engaging creative and messaging for each persona that relates to their lifestyle.
3. Use dynamic ads to test multiple creative iterations.
4. Optimize the content for the best days and times to be in front of the target audience.
5. Analyze results to scale each niche separately.

If you need help building customer personas best built to benefit your brand, or just need help pursuing a targeted social campaign, contact Kingstar Media today, Canada's #1 media buying and full-service digital agency!