Using Offline Media To Drive Online Engagement

There is no shortage of news stories touting digital as a disruptive force causing a tectonic shift in consumer habits. Yet, multiple studies reveal TV has the largest reach of any mass market media. The average Canadian watched 29.8 hours of television per week and listened to 17 hours of radio in the 2013-2014 broadcast year, seeing Canadian television habits grow 1.9 per cent. It is for this reason we continue encouraging partners to take a multi-channel approach to yield the highest possible return on an advertising campaign.

Still in its nascent, trial stages, some brands remain skeptical of digital advertising and its hefty price tag. After a handful of years experimenting in the space alongside the rise of ad blocking, brands are struggling to see the investment match the return. Until the floodgates for targeted digital advertising opportunities open, here are three simple ways to use offline media to drive online engagement:

Always Include The URL
Vanity URLs, links placed directly on radio and television commercials to drive consumers to your site, are paramount for building trust and awareness and the easiest way to link your web presence in your broadcast spot. Having a short, custom URL ensures consumers will remember your brand when they search online. What's more, vanity URLs are traceable, allowing you to measure how offline initiatives directly impact your bottom line.

Create A Compelling Drive To Web
Sharing the URL is a great first step, but give viewers an extra push towards action by creating an attractive reason in your commercial for people to visit the URL. Incentives and limited time offers are solid examples of this, and the options don't end there. Get your audience involved as an ambassador by inviting them to take a photo or video of your commercial and upload it on social media to enjoy a freebie or percentage off.

Simplify The Offer
Allow the audience to take advantage of the offer quickly and without complication. The shorter your URL is, the more memorable it will be. As well, keeping your message clear and consistent across channels will greatly impact the viewer's impression and experience. Case sensitivity matters and can lead to 404 errors, so be mindful of your links.

By Jake Willitts, General Manager, Kingstar Direct Media