Client Profile: DRTV helps Allstar Products Group Establish their Brands

We see more and more how companies are using DRTV to help build brand awareness. Our client Allstar explains how using DRTV to build their brand supports their integrated marketing campaigns.

Your roster contains what are now household names, including Leg Magic, Mister Steamy and Topsy Turvy planters. How important is DRTV to your business?

DRTV is the platform that launches our brands and builds awareness with the consumer. We use DRTV to create the brand and help revolutionize the consumer experience within many categories with our leading brands, such as Snuggie, Bendaroos and Perfect Brownie.

What is the next step?

After DRTV establishes the brand, we continue to build brand equity through a fully integrated campaign that includes digital marketing, social media, consumer promotions and aggressive retail trade promotion.

Allstar is expanding its most famous product line, the Snuggie. What will be keeping Canadian consumers warm this winter?

We are bringing up our new designs, including our best selling "Peace & Love" Snuggie. They should be on the shelf in time for the holiday season.

How many new product ideas do people send you every year?

We receive thousands of ideas and inventions through our website every year. We work with some of the most innovative product design­ers to develop solutions for today's consumers. As well, Allstar works with the top DRTV producers to build high-quality and memorable campaigns that break through the clutter.

Why did you choose Kingstar Media to execute your DRTV strategy?

Kingstar is a valued partner for Allstar due to its specialized knowledge of the Canadian marketplace. Kingstar also has the other qualities we look for in partners: business innovation and integrity.

What will be the next smash hit for Allstar?

We think that Wonderfile, the ingenious portable workstation, offers a unique and simple solution to clutter. It is enjoying tremendous acceptance by the DRTV consumer.