Case Study: InvenTel and Hollywood Nails

InvenTel has been a driving force in the DRTV industry since its inception. We spoke with company spokesperson, Stephanie Sierra, about this introduction of their Hollywood Nails product to the Canadian market.

Tell me a bit about InvenTel and Hollywood Nails.

InvenTel is a direct response marketing company. We are extremely selective in the products that we deliver, taking our time and combined expertise to fully develop the product from 'good idea' to retail placement.

Hollywood Nails™ is an all-in-one professional nail-stamping machine that allows the user to apply a large variety of designs to their nails. The adjustable nail guide is the secret to perfectly aligned designs every time – the user can be left-handed or right-handed and be assured of perfect nails. The response Hollywood Nails has received has been nothing short of spectacular!

How long have you been using DRTV?

We launched Hollywood Nails in July 2012, and we've used DRTV from the beginning. We really find that DRTV helps establish the products we sell and creates retail demand. We use advertising – both print and web – and social channels to help with promotions as well, but DRTV is the primary focus.

How important is DRTV to your marketing strategy?

DRTV is essential to our strategy. It's great to get the immediate feedback from viewers, and it is the best way to test if a product will be successful. By using DRTV, we learn how not to only improve our campaign, but also the product. Our retail partners like that we use DRTV in this way because by the time it gets to them, we've perfected the product and created great public awareness.

Why did you choose Kingstar to run your campaign?

We were looking to partner with a company that was knowledgeable and had a great understanding of the landscape. Kingstar is the premier DRTV agency in Canada, and also comes highly recommended by other DR marketers and vendors.

How has Kingstar Media impacted your success?

Kingstar has done an amazing job. They are knowledgeable about all the specifics of the local market and the media landscape. They know what will work in certain markets, and we strongly feel that it is important to have a Canadian partner to get traction in this market.

What can we expect to see next from InvenTel?

We're delighted to announce that we'll be launching Mighty Sealer Clear – a rubberized sealant, Liberty Lantern – a 3-in-1 LED lantern, and AirMan – a super hero RC flyer in Canada very soon. We also have several other products that we'll be bringing to Canada in 2014, but we can't tell you what they are yet, so stay tuned!