Easy Ways to Elevate Radio & DRTV Spot Performance

Programmatic marketing was far and wide the buzzword of 2015. The truth, however, is that few advertisers understand it enough to make results worth the investment. While keeping a close eye on emerging trends in media buying and direct marketing is key to developing long-term strategies that are relevant and impactful, the power of "what can we do now" has never been more valuable.

We live in a real-time world, but marketing budgets continue to be dominated by traditional media. Direct response advertising campaigns using radio and DRTV can offer marketers the flexibility of real-time opportunities, maximizing spend and slot quickly without needing to plan too far ahead. Measureable and scalable, this can be especially valuable with integrated campaigns that are being tracked and adjusted throughout their lifecycle. The easiest way marketers can tap into the power of the present is to elevate TV commercials and radio spots they are already invested in.

Here are two easy ways to elevate your radio and DRTV spot performance:

Measuring multi-touch attribution
For an integrated campaign to push accuracy and memorability with an audience, it is essential for TV, radio, online, outdoor and mobile efforts to work concurrently with one cohesive message. Key to successful execution is timing and analytics. Some advertisers continually change the attribution model, but this may not be best route to measurement accuracy. To navigate big data requires the right analysts and tools to uncover insights across the full customer lifecycle. This allows advertisers to adjust campaigns based on performance and determine which media channels are driving traffic to the brand's website.

Using SMS as a response tool
Despite the incredible growth of mobile traffic, advertisers remain reluctant to invest. While mobile initiatives cost far less than desktop, yield significantly higher reach and protect consumer privacy, there have been limitations to smartphone strategies. This is due to performance and response being difficult to measure and track with accuracy. For SMS to be effective, advertisers can look to interactive text messaging, geofencing, 2D barcode incorporation, and digital coupon distribution. Consider the connected consumers watching television with their smartphones nearby. With an integrated campaign, SMS and broadcast pair especially well to engage consumers and track engagement with accuracy.