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2013 Moxie Award Best Long Form of the Year Under $250K
Fusion Juicer – Kingstar

Our creative team came home from this year’s ERA D2C Conference with a prestigious Moxie Award, recognizing Kingstar as one of the best television, radio, online and mobile direct response marketers in North America. 
Following three consecutive wins in the long form category, Kingstar Direct celebrated our fourth win for our work on the Fusion Juicer.

Watch Kingstar win the 2013 ERA Moxie Award (at 1:30:08)

As Canada’s leading provider of automotive, mortgage, and window leads, eLeads Canada is one of Kingstar Media’s newest clients. We spoke with President Paul Miller about the company’s new partnership with Kingstar Media and how DRTV has played into their success.

Can you tell us a bit about eLeads?
We match companies with qualified buyers. In order to stay competitive, companies have to continue increasing their advertising spend, and we provide a perfect alternative. By enabling them to purchase qualified leads in a specific region, the cost per lead drops and the conversion rate increases.

What sets you apart from your competitors? 
We pride ourselves in our standard of quality, both on the consumer and dealership side. By moving from the online world directly into consumers’ homes through DRTV spots, we can provide a more credible solution to both consumers and our dealer partners. Furthermore, each of our dealerships must apply and qualify to become a partner. We take all our associations very seriously.

Why is DRTV the right marketing tool for eLeads?
For the past five years, 100 per cent of eLeads Canada’s business was Internet driven – practically all of our marketing dollars were spent on Google. While online marketing was important for initial growth, we needed new ways to expand and generate business. DRTV has now become the foundation of our marketing strategy and will by key to our future success.

Why did you choose Kingstar Media to execute your DRTV strategy?
I’ve known Kingstar Media for several years and when we decided to go the DRTV route, they were my first choice. We are impressed with they way they carry themselves and communicate with their clients. They are experts at what they do and we never felt pressured into making decisions.In fact, they hold your hand through each step in the process and make sure you are comfortable with the strategy.How are the results?In the short period of time that we have partnered with Kingstar Media we have experienced incredible results, and conservatively expect a 200 per cent growth in our company. None of us would have been able to predict this and we are glad that Kingstar Media is right by our side.

What’s next for eLeads Canada?
Right now we service five different areas and have developed DRTV for Automotive Leads, which is more than 50 per cent of our portfolio. Our plan is to create DRTV for our other portfolios including: mortgages, financing and home. Eventually we would like to expand into other industries and television will take us there. 

Legacy Publishing helps people improve their relationships, and their program, The Total Transformation, has helped hundreds of parents transform how they relate to their children.

We spoke with Legacy Publishing President, Jim DeWolfe, about this innovative program and how long form TV and short and long form radio are helping get the message out to the Canadian marketplace.

Tell us about The Total Transformation.
The Total Transformation was designed specifically to help parents alleviate behavioural issues in their children. The pro-gram offers practical, real world solutions to help address some challenging problems parents’ face. To help parents out, those who complete a survey about their experience using the program will receive a 100 per cent refund on the product price. This not only creates an incredible amount of good will, but the insights provided by the program users help to further our marketing and research efforts, ensuring we continually deliver a benefit rich program.

We constantly read about how this generation of parent’s is too permissive, and that the children are less respectful. Have you seen an increased demand for your product as a result?
Yes. More and more parents are pulled in many directions due to work and family obligations. There are also many societal pressures to raise your children in a certain way, and parents don’t necessarily have all the necessary tools or methods needed. Our program removes the emotion from the equation and helps parents engage in more substantive, meaningful conversations with their children.

What are Canadian customers like?
Kingstar really helped us expand our reach into the Canadian marketplace, and we are very impressed with the Canadian consumer. They are very concerned about the long-term well-being of their children. When we receive calls from Canadian customers, we are always impressed with their level of engagement. They have a great deal of intellectual curiosity and ask thoughtful, meaningful questions.

What is the value of using various DR channels, including long form TV and short and long form radio to promote your product?
Given the nature of The Total Transformation and the depth of the subject matter, we have found that using multiple channels to promote the campaign, including long form TV, long form radio or short form radio allows us to hone into different aspects of the messaging. Each individual channel’s messaging is reinforced by the other, thereby increasing our our overall reach and resulting response.

What made you decide to use long form media?
Thirty-minute advertisements give us the time required to really inform consumers about the product and to share stories about transformative behavioural change. When we can tell our story and provide the depth of information necessary, our success rate with callers is higher. We find the audience of this type of program to be very loyal and very engaged. From a business perspective, radio also expands our reach and rounds out our roster of media.

How do they differ from the DRTV spots you’ve done in the past?
They allow us a deeper dive into the subject matter to really engage consumers. Because of the unique informative format, long form media is more likely to hold people and keep them listening.

Why did you choose Kingstar to help execute your Direct Response campaigns?
We’ve developed a strong relationship with Kingstar and they are the go-to company for this type of programming. The Total Transformation program has been extremely successful and we’re looking to expand our reach throughout the Canadian marketplace.