Five Creative Strategies for a Winning DRTV Spot

To create a successful DRTV spot, the creative direction should focus on establishing a connection with consumers with one distinct goal in mind –to sell. Unlike traditional TV commercials that are lauded for their entertainment value, a successful DRTV campaign focuses less on entertainment and places more emphasis on selling. With that in mind, here are five simple yet essential creative strategies for developing a winning DRTV spot.

Establish An Attention-Grabbing Opening
In a DRTV spot, every second counts and there's no time more crucial than the first ten seconds to grab the attention of the viewer. A strong opening should be memorable, high impact and build an audience connection. Support a compelling script with key visuals - remember, words sell, pictures tell.

Present The Problem / Solution Early
To be effective, introduce a problem that your audience can relate to and present your product as the solution early in the spot – preferably in the first fifteen to twenty seconds. We call this the problem/solution. This is a great way to build up momentum for the next few seconds of your creative, which is the big reveal.

The Money Shot / Magical Transformation
So now that you have successfully gained the attention of your viewer by building the intrigue and anticipation, now is the time to build on that great momentum with the big reveal. People like to feel that they've stumbled onto the 'next best thing' or that they are in on a secret. This is the time to unveil and demonstrate the product with a 'money shot' or a magical transformation. What seems like a good idea for the money shot or to showcase the magical transformation may not work so well once on screen. We dedicate demo days to shooting the various conceptual ideas we have come up with, keeping in mind that it has to demonstrate the product's USP/s. We then play back the demos to choose the best shot by seeing which has the most dramatic effect and which speaks most in highlighting the USP of the product.

Real Life Testimonials
Using real people and filming their reactions goes a longer way in capturing an authentic and compelling reaction on screen, than casting semi-professional actors. In what we call 'first timer' testimonials, we let people try the product for the first time and capture a real account of their reactions. Good testimonials are less scripted and more dramatic so it is more believable and relatable. We think the audience knows better, and the more 'real' and 'raw' the reaction seems, the more successful your testimonials will work.

Make Your Offer And Make it Good
The key here is to design the perfect offer that will compel the viewer to take action now. Make your offer concise and clear; if you confuse, you lose. Present the viewer with a strong value proposition and further seal the deal with an immediate call-to-action that is time-limited. Add extra incentives to drive the value proposition and do keep in mind that the strongest word you can use in your offer is 'free'.

- Duane Andrews, Director of Creative Services, Kingstar Media