Five Tips to Optimize Digital Media for Maximum DRTV Impact

A powerful, well-executed DRTV strategy effectively marries the power of television and funnels DRTV leads into a digital channel, supported by analytics, measurement, optimized landing pages, a clear call-to-action and high quality creative digital content. As viewership behavior and content consumption patterns evolve, DRTV strategies also need to evolve in order to engage consumers at all stages of the buying cycle and that bridges user interaction between offline and online activities to generate conversions and sales.

An impactful digital strategy does not work in a silo, but complements a DRTV campaign, with consistent look, offers and messages that flow consistently across multiple mediums, from television to mobile devices, computers and tablets. To optimize the digital component of a DRTV strategy with maximum impact, here are five top tips.

1. Dedicated Site or Landing Page

The first step is to create an engaging website, micro site or landing page that propels consumers to take action. A dedicated landing page should be structured to support the traffic referral source. The ability to generate accurate, timely web response attribution, analytics and measurement is critical in being able to measure the success of a DRTV campaign.

2. Content, content, content

Once you have your site or landing page set up, it is important to start building in high quality digital content that will drive incremental traffic and conversion rate. The key elements are to have concise information, a clear visible Call-To-Action (CTA) and an appealing offer to inspire immediate action. The site is also a great platform to show any additional high quality digital content that was not included in the final DRTV cut but is useful information that might influence consumers to make their purchase decision. Most often we see sites that include the DRTV spot; there's nothing wrong with including it, but the key is to have additional, unique content that extends beyond the DRTV spot that will engage consumers and to ultimately lead to transactional conversions

3.Website & User Path Optimization

It is important to optimize navigation and to ensure seamless user flow throughout the site. This helps to maximize the clicking path, minimize friction and exit rates. In this case, you want a clicking path that leads the customer on a smooth journey that leads to the ultimate destination – the sale.

Website speed should also be a focus in order to ensure customers have a rich user experience interacting with your website and the sales process is not hindered by a page that is too slow to load, especially at check-out.

Generally, consumers who are watching a DRTV spot will not write down the web address, instead, doing a Google search using key words or the name of the brand/product. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that the web page is searchable and ranked high on Google search results.

4. Intelligence Testing

The beauty of a digitally optimized DRTV campaign is its ability to provide rapid A/B split testing and deeper tracking capability. A/B split testing allows marketers to test the impact of different site elements from texts, images, and prices to offers. Just slight tweaks to the site or the promotion mechanics can make a huge difference in conversion rates, and these tests are important in helping you determine that.

5. Think Mobile Now For

the first time this year, the number of mobile searches is expected to surpass searches on desktops. Increasingly, consumers are moving their interactions and purchasing decisions to their mobile devices. In fact, spending on goods and services purchased over mobile devices is expected to hit $119 billion this year. While traditional platforms are still important, marketers need to start thinking mobile now in order to stay at the forefront of consumers' minds, including as part of their next DRTV campaign.