The Rise of Instant Shopping: Why Pinterest and Facebook Click “Buy”

As the move to online shopping picks up the pace, smart direct response marketing has been evolving from its yell-and-sell infomercial roots to finding fast growing application in the digital world. Busier-than-ever and overly stimulated consumers mean brands have increasingly less time to capture – and maintain – interest. DR has long been the leader in how to capture this consumer attention and drive action.

In 2014, a reported 2.1 billion people owned a smartphone, a 23% increase from 2013, and the user base is expected to reach a staggering 6.1 billion by 2020. What's more, users capture 51% of content on their phone, leading social media moneymakers Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google to capitalize on this trend, recently introducing "Buy" buttons to enable users to make purchases directly, and instantly, on the page.

Brands looking to tap into this demand need not re-invent the wheel, however as DR campaigns are already serving up accountable drive to retail and web solutions. With access to deep digital analytics measuring engagement and real-time ROI adapting for television, radio and digital spots, spends can be more accountable than ever before.

In an e-commerce environment, conversion is critical to success. Yet studies show that almost one third of consumers will abandon a slower website in less that 5 seconds, thereby reducing conversions by 7%. A new age of direct response means that more consumers will demand an instant buy option, one that informs, educates and most of all expedites the purchase. For consumer brands, the opportunity to capture market share by shaping this online buyer experience has never been greater.