Facebook Taps TV & It’s Great News for DR

New tools have just been released by Facebook to better serve advertisers and interestingly, they mimic how we buy space on TV. This rollout follows a preliminary targeted campaign that saw a 19% increase when Facebook and TV were combined, a 37% increase among millennial audiences.

So, what does this mean for DRTV?

A Neilson study that found people exposed to simultaneous TV and Facebook ads demonstrated a 3.2% increase in ad recall, 11.5% increase in brand linkage and a 22.7% increase in likability versus those exposed to TV alone.

With the introduction of Facebook's Target Rating Point (TRP) metric, smart DR marketers will have a powerful tool to buy across both Facebook and TV with a total TRP target goal. Campaigns will begin to use elements of Facebook Advertising and other digital mediums to help increase targeted reach and to compliment advertisements running on TV.

As pioneers of the instant shopping craze, smart DR marketers will adopt these tools early to create campaigns with increased memorability, brand linkage and likeability among the right shoppers.