Mobile Habits Are Driving Major Return on Pay Per Call Advertising

Pay per click has served as the dominant measurement tool in advertising since the emergence of digital marketing. When a brand or service advertises on the web, ads run cross-platform on high-traffic sites like Facebook and Google, making it significantly easier to measure and track. When it comes to mobile, however, is pay per click really your best bet?

Pay per call advertising is gaining increasing appeal among marketers in the digital space. With the rise of mobile surpassing desktop and broadcast, shoppers are more connected to, and reliant on, their phones than ever before. Smart marketers are ushering in modern techniques with a traditional form of engagement: the phone call. By capitalizing on the growing desire for a heightened customer experience and human connectedness, re-establishing the intimacy of the one-on-one phone call can drive major return on your campaign.

What's important to consider is that while pay per call has higher pricing than pay per click, it can actually result in less cost per conversion. With pay per click's conversion rate at +2 per cent at $1 per click and pay per call's +40 per cent conversation rate at $10 per call, cost per conversion results in $50 and $25, respectively. With $64.6 billion spent annually to generate calls to business, clear signs point to strong growth in pay per call.

Unlike pay per click, pay per call is a truly integrated marketing solution because it works across all platforms of television, radio and web. What's more, pay per call associates a charge only if the call exceeds two minutes.

Time to hit the phones.