Move Over, Millennials – Boomers Are The Binge-Watchers to Watch

Streaming and mobile TV consumption may be the domain of younger consumers, but emerging demographics research from Canada's Media Technology Monitor (MTM) reports other generations are catching up with millennials, at least when it comes to binge-watching.

A new study, published from the results of a 2015/2016 MTM survey, reports that while 72% of millennial TV consumers prefer to binge-watch shows, the 35-49 age group isn't far behind, with nearly 60% reporting they too, are taking in multiple episodes of their favourite series' at a time.

Perhaps most surprising, the survey finds that nearly 50% of younger Boomers (aged 50-64) have taken up binge-watching. The new data may offer a key insights to keeping cord-cutters on cable, as boomers are still loyal to traditional modes of TV consumption. MTM reports that 37% of all binge-watching still happens through PVR or scheduled TV—good news for the advertising and DRTV industry.

Many millennial-targeting channels like MTV and Much already program plenty of air-time with binge-watchers in mind, and other networks may want to follow in step. Looking ahead to 2017, the question will be how direct response media buyers and broadcasters will plan programming strategies to appeal to the growing number of boomer bingers.