No Two Canadians Consume Alike: Vancouverites Are Mobile “Multitaskers” While Atlantic Canadians Are Captivated By Cable

New research from the Media and Technology Monitor finds that media consumption habits vary from province to province—a key detail for marketers to keep in mind when planning their next direct marketing campaign.

A recent MTM survey offers up key insights for brands, advertisers, and the DRTV industry. The findings reveal that while Canadians across the country are tuning to TV and using their smartphones, Vancouverites are more likely to "multitask" by doing both at the same time. And while the uptake on tablets and wearable tech has been slow but steady across the country (54% of Canadians use tablets and 14% own wearables), media buying agencies considering opportunities on these platforms should keep an eye on Toronto, where use of those devices over-indexes the rest of the country.

Planning an infomercial or TV commercial campaign for Atlantic Canada? Wise move: 42% of Atlantic Canadians reportedly subscribe to fibre-optic TV – a programming service that vividly improves message quality, delivery, and availability – versus 21% in the rest of Canada. Testing digital DRTV spots on YouTube? Montrealers use the video streaming service more than anyone else in Canada.

For more on the report highlights check out Media In Canada's full recap and then tell us on twitter—how will this new data influence your next Canadian direct response advertising campaign?