Amazon's Latest Holiday Ad Is a Musical Reminder of Its Iconic Brand

Holiday ads are one of the markers of the upcoming holiday season. As we move closer to December we are certainly seeing more and more holiday commercials online and on TV. To join in the festivities, we will be sharing some of our favorite holiday ads right here on our blog!

One of our favorite spots this month is a refreshingly light hearted ad by Amazon. The retailer set the bar for holiday ads at an all time high after last year's touching ad that celebrated interfaith friendships. This year's commercial took a more traditional approach in celebrating the joys of gift giving, this time with a musical twist.

The 60-second spot takes viewers on a musical journey following the boxes' adventure to make it to their destined shipping address. This choice of creative, with references to the Amazon brand and business so richly embedded throughout the spot creates an unforgettable brand story. By choosing to film most of the spot in settings like an Amazon warehouse, and the inside of shipment carriers like planes, trucks and motorbikes, we are reminded of Amazon's mission and purpose as a brand and a business.

Excitement is built as we follow along the singing shipping boxes along their adventure, while listening to their version of Roger Hodgson's "Give a Little Bit" – a fitting song choice with timeless lyrics that are perfect for this season. No complex animation or illustration is used to bring the boxes to life and make them sing. Amazon lets their logo do the talking (quite literally) because as we all know, the arrow logo is very resemblant of a smiling mouth.

The ad ends with putting a smile on a little girl's face when she receives a holiday present from a relative who orders it through the Amazon app. Although no explicit call to action is placed in the ad, it is still a very effective spot that reminds holiday shoppers of the hassle-free shopping experience brought by Amazon and their app, guaranteed to put a smile on their loved ones' faces.

Stay tuned for more holiday spot reviews!