Using The Right Video Strategy To Tell Your Product’s Story

Delivering the perfect message to the right audience takes more than the assembly of rousing words on a script. Often, it is with a robust and eloquent video strategy that will carry your audience into the world of your brand, bringing the words – and your product – to bursting life.

While traditional TV, radio and web commercials ignite reaction, direct response uses video to communicate your product's USP with one deliberate goal in mind: to sell it. The avenues are endless, but here is a snapshot of some ways you can use video to sell your product:

Finserv? Make it Funny.

Exaggerate everything – costume, voice, language and colour. Tapping into the art and entertainment of humour will make a serious, and sometimes dull, topic instantly relatable. Collaborate with well-liked comedians in key selling markets to use the natural charisma of a comedian to tell your story. To take it even further, collaborate with multiple comedians to build out your story in a series of 4-5 spots in sequence, making your commercials something people will look forward to when it comes on.

Fundraising? Bring in Big Visuals.

Public service announcements are well suited to direct response marketing, with DRTV's primary function to deliver a call to action. Encouraging Canadians to open their hearts and wallets, however, does not come without its challenges. Key is the precise manner in which the story is told, paired with rich visualization to illustrate how donations make a well-defined impact on recipients. Get this right and an emotional connection will make people feel like they are part of the solution.

Unfamiliar Product? Focus on Education.

You have a product you know will solve a big problem. But, perhaps the type of problem is unsightly or sensitive, one that most people would be shy to admit, even to themselves, that they need. Or, perhaps the concept is unfamiliar and the immediate reaction is to decline it. In cases such as these, comedy and visuals will not do the trick. While setting up the problem, and providing a solution is important, your ammunition here lies in real-life case studies, and professional counsel to illuminate purpose and validity.

Shoot, Test, & Tweak

This, of course, is when the real magic happens. Sure, finding the right video strategy to tell your product's story is essential. But, sometimes a plan does not always roll out as expected, which is why testing each and every spot, and analyzing performance is the final piece of the puzzle. In many ways, this can be the unsung hero in your story. If your commercials aren't generating the right results, it is time to tweak copy and graphics – and yes, this is possible in real-time – until it can deliver the very response you are after.

Elizabeth Nielsen, Creative Director of Sales, Kingstar Media