Direct Response Marketing Examples List

December 20, 2013

A direct response campaign is a commercial message that solicits an action from the consumer, the advantage of using this method is that it can bypass the traditional method of selling to consumers using traditional channels such as retail or a direct number to call.

Comparison: Brand vs Direct Marketing Examples

  Branding Direct Response
Intention Gain user awareness For the user to take specific action
Landing Page Content within a website Specific landing page that allows user to take action
Call to Action ‘Learn More’, ‘Click Here’, ‘Find Out More’ ‘Buy Now’, ‘Contact Us’
KPI’s CTR, Engagement, Roll Overs, Plays CPO, CPL, RPM
Messaging Flexible, non-mentioned Includes monetary amount, or numbers
Where Single Site, Sponsorships, Road Blocks Networks, Exchanges, DSPs

There are some categories of business that do not have a business model based on retail or a phone number, and as such can help these business’ to engage with their customers better such as: contests, mass feedback or product promotions. 

Direct Marketing Examples:

  • Live Broadcast of event
  • Infomercial
  • Social gaming
  • Video documentary
  • Short-form video with viral potential
  • eBook with specific CTAs
  • CTA infographic
  • CTA microsite
  • Subscription magazine
  • Multi-part video series
  • Dedicated topic of interest Youtube channel
  • Blog stream
  • Product related online community – social, forum
  • Mobile device app
  • Regular contest community website
  • Topic collaboration platform
  • Education platform for customers via new media content
  • Online magazine
  • Target market specific microsite
  • Free content release website promoting cause
  • Print and tablet app specific magazine
  • Location-based app/website offering services
  • Specific market content magazine
  • Virtual space website
  • Specific market content website targeting visitor engagement
  • Print content with personality – poems, haikus, humor
  • Digital magazine featuring reviews and stories with ability to purchase
  • Real-world time and event specific microsite featuring help/services
  • Constant social site engagement with free offers, tips, news and help
  • Customer suggestion microsite
  • Behind the scenes documentary
  • Instructional videos, tips and help
  • B2B (Business to Business) podcasts
  • Help blog supporting product or services
  • Infographics
  • Email campaign
  • Location specific image stream
  • eNewsletter
  • QR codes on products
  • Webinars and webcasts
  • Custom social network
  • eLearning portal
  • Podcast library
  • Print newsletter
  • Annual research report

These forms of direct marketing not always guarantee a return on investment and a large focus of the above ideas is tracking the results of the call to actions that prompted a response as this allows to lower the overhead of methods on the advertiser prior to finding out if there techniques are effective or not.

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